Community Support Network, Fiji

Supporting Communities in Sustainable Livelihood Projects


We believe in slow change and know that we, the people of Fiji, have the passion to work together to achieve good things for the present and most importantly, our future generations.

CSN is a Fijian charity run by experienced Fijians who work alongside rural communities to achieve sustainable development through Education, Health, Environment, Sustainable livelihood and Voluntourism projects. See our Facebook Page.

CSN has six elements:

(1) Education Programme – Ongoing work partnership with VESA see VESA Facebook page

 (2) Health Programme – Healthy Water, Healthy Living and Sanitation in local communities

(3) Environment Programme – Marine Resource and Forestry Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation

(4) Sustainable Livelihood Programme – Bottom-Up-Governance-Leadership Program (BGLP)

(5) Humanitarian and Disaster Management Programme – Shelter Cluster and Food Security Cluster

(6) Volunteers – Voluntourism and Student Attachment Program

CSN is a registered charity under the Charitable Trusts Act (cap.67) certificate of incorporation. Dated at Suva on the 4th day of August 2009.