Community Support Network, Fiji

How we work


The Community Support Network is a grassroots NGO that works directly with villages, communities and settlements who are in need. Our vision is ‘To empower and build and resilient, inclusive and successful society’. We do this by supporting communities in sustainable development and livelihood projects.

What makes us different?

  • grassroots level: We pride ourselves on our grassroots approach and work closely with villages and communities, developing trust and respect
  • tailored approach: We conduct a careful assessment of the skills, assets, weaknesses and strengths of each community that we work with to ensure that our training and income-generating projects are tailored to the specific needs of each community
  • long-term sustainable solutions: We focus on finding long-term sustainable solutions with a commitment to monitoring and evalution and learning from our experience
  • collaborative working: We work collaboratively with other NGOs and are happy to share our knowledge and experience with others.