Community Support Network, Fiji

Good Governance & Leadership Program (GGLP)

The Good Governance and Leadership Program (GGLP) is our core way of empowering women and youths and providing communities with a source of income. Many people in developed countries gain basic governance, leadership and budgeting skills either directly or indirectly through education, experience or employment. These skills, however, are often lacking in Fijian communities. Our GGLP seeks to overcome this.

We conduct GGLP in several stages:

website flow chart2

Women and youths are empowered through the GGLP as they must speak at community meetings to provide updates on their income-generating project. They must also negotiate with buyers for their products. We have found that this have given women and you

ths a voice and standing within the community that they previously have not had. In some cases, women have used these skills to advocate more widely for their rights with government departments and in negotiating with other communities.

Our GGLP is funded and supported by the Fiji Community Development Program (FCDP).