Community Support Network, Fiji

Community Enterprise Project (CEP)

CSN runs the Community Enterprise Project (CEP) in conjunction with the Centre for Social Change, an organisation in Australia. CEP adopts an innovative approach combining three key methodologies: Assets Based Community Development; Participatory Action Research; and Diverse Economies Framework.

It involves shifting the focus of communities from a ‘we need’ perspective to a ‘we have’ perspective, training them to identify the assets, skills and strengths of their community and how they can use these to generate income, without external aid.

CEP trains the community to look at its local environment, including the financial, social and physical, to identify opportunities to generate income. CEP communities conduct market research, negotiate with potential buyers and middle-men and work collaboratively within their community to form income-generating enterprises.

The CEP approach is strongly focused on empowering people in communities by providing them with the tools to help themselves.