Community Support Network, Fiji

Emergency Disaster Relief

CSN provides emergency relief following natural disasters such as cyclones and floods. CSN is a member of the Shelter Disaster Cluster, part of the official National Disaster Management Office plans for Fiji.

We provide disaster relief packs, including food and medication, to communities who we have a relationship with through our other projects. We have knowledge about the location of these communities, their transport links and access, and whom in the community to liaise with for distribution.

We ensure that our relief packs are nutritionally balanced and cater for babies, young children and disabled people. We work with communities to ensure that the packs are distributed on a needs basis with those with greatest vulnerability receiving packs first (nursing mothers, the elderly and disabled).

We exercise a high degree of transparency requiring each family to sign for their pack to ensure that no relief supplies are stockpiled or misappropriated.

We receive funding through the Fiji Community Development Program (FCDP) for our emergency disaster relief.