Community Support Network, Fiji

The Team

Annie Madden

Annie Madden

Ms Annie Madden – Director

Annie is a graduate in Business Management with vast experience in Administration and Finance Management.  Annie has worked with Government, Government Statutory, Regional Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations.

‘I was brought up in the community and my dreams are to give back to the community. Our programmes help to change and improve the lives of our people’. 

Mr Josefa Gavidi  (Joe) – Media Officer

Josefa Gavidi

Josefa Gavidi

A school teacher by profession for 21 years and former Deputy Mayor of the City of Suva from 2004-2009. In 2003, Jiosefa was nominated to be Chairman of Major Projects & Strategy Committee for Suva. Jiosefa leads on media and the VESA project for CSN.

The community is where my heart is. I believe the community is the foundation of the nation. Our work develops communities resulting in a better nation’. 

 Ms Nanise Koroi – Finance Officer

Nanise is studying towards a degree in Tourism and Management from the University of the South Pacific. She works in finance and assists with media activities at CSN.

‘I am very proud that our work places a strong emphasis on empowering women. To me, this is critical to developing a fair and prosperous Fiji’. 

Maretina Vataniyaragi

Maretina Vataniyaragi

Ms Maretina Vataniyaragi (Tina) –  Project Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Maretina is a graduate in Business Management. She leads on the Good Governance Leadership Program (GGLP) and the Community Enterprise Project (CEP) for CSN.

‘My dedication to these programmes will not only help fulfil my desire to help the community but also to see the benefits and the changes they will bring to the families we help”.